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Making a Great Explainer Video

Make a great explainer video by shaking up the typical story structure

Explainer videos are an excellent way to tell your audience what you do, especially if your service or product is difficult to understand. Animated explainers in particular can be really fun to watch, so your viewers are learning and being entertained all at the same time. But they can also be mind-numbingly boring. And if your viewer is going to lose interest and stop watching before your explainer has a chance to explain, what's the point?

This piece from Entrepreneur gives some helpful tips about making an explainer video that will keep your customers engaged: Keep it short and sweet, tell a great story, and break the rules! Don't just rely on the typical three-act structure. Focus on watchability and shake up the typical story structure for a more dynamic end result. Be sure to avoid getting bogged down with details, as any smaller nuances of your product are best left to your website or product manual. Make sure that your explainer video is a great explainer by getting the main points across in a unique and exciting way.

Some of our favorite projects for clients have been explainer videos, including the work that we did for Rhapsody to teach their users how to use their app on various devices. Check it out!

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