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We Love Working with Others on Awesome Videos.

We love making our clients look like Rock Stars. Together, we create impressive, intelligent sales & marketing content for a strong ROI.

We’re an award-winning team of creatives and marketers who work really well with other creatives, marketers, executives and other stakeholders on your side to build something great together. Do you want to feel proud of the work you’ve done on your next project? So do we! Let’s get started.

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Our Clients

Some of the wonderful business brands we have had the honor of helping over the years.

We look forward to adding your brand here soon!

Our Services

Video Strategy

Get 10x better ROI from your video content through our proven process of thinking through your specific video needs and goals

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Social Media Strategy

Get smart social media content and marketing strategies built for your next content campaign through our proven planning process

Web Design & Dev

Get a unique video-first, video-focused website that will capture your audience’s attention within seconds and generate quality leads

Video Production

Get a top-notch video crew that’s custom-built for your specific video needs and goals to get the max from your production time

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Social Media Content

Get quality, affordable social media content custom made with your company’s brand style and voice powering the creative for your audience

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Branding & Design

Get your own custom brand style and voice at any stage of your company journey: from early startup to established company rebrand

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Video Advertising

Get experienced expertise on how best to apply marketing and advertising techniques and budget towards meeting your goals

Social Media Marketing

Get experienced execution for your social media marketing campaign(s) with top-notch reporting and smart, turn-key tactics

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Digital Marketing

Get smart, KPI-based digital marketing experience and execution through all things digital: web, email, social media and more all-in-one

Our Mission

V3 Media works every day to help our valued network of businesses and professionals enjoy successful experiences. This includes helping our clients, our community in Colorado and our team grow and thrive. We do this through delivering passion and expertise in the projects we work on together.

Our Vision

V3 Media will fulfill its mission by continuing to innovate and improve as a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in creating unique visual and interactive experiences for our clients and their clients.

Our Values

Delivering QUALITY product is the number one, primary goal in what we do. CREATIVITY is why we exist. It’s what gets us up every day.. and keeps us up. Giving SUPPORT to our clients, vendors and teammates make us feel good. Our RELATIONSHIPS make the work worth it and make it feel less like work. INTEGRITY is essential in creating better deals, better work, better relationships. We feel a PASSION for what we do here and aim to promote passion in others.
Pushing INNOVATION keeps us - and our clients - ahead of the curve.

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