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Creating a Strategic Video Marketing Plan: Setting Goals, KPIs, and CTAs for Success

To create a strategic plan for how your video marketing will reach your intended audience, it’s crucial to establish goals for your campaign and identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for measuring its success.

This process will help generate your campaign’s CTA (Call to Action) for your target audience.

An effective video marketing campaign will have a clear CTA that inspires viewers and allows them to easily take important next-step actions.

Questions to Consider. . .

Why are you creating this campaign?

What are your intentions?

How will you reach your target audience?

Outlets such as social media, websites, email, Google Ads, etc.

What does your target audience NEED right now?

Start to construct information that benefits your audience

What statistics will you be paying attention to?

Social media analytics, engagement, click-through, reach

What is your end goal?

Are you wanting to drive traffic to your website? Get new customers? Grow on Social? Build a portfolio?

PRO TIP: Remember to be Consistent! One video or post a month won’t help your brand grow. Be interactive and post frequent content every week OR day!"


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