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"I’m fascinated by sawdust. It’s the byproducts of your output"

If anyone knows how to get the most out of a little it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. The self-made, no BS marketing guru has never been short on opinions (or F-bombs), and is a big fan of setting up efficiencies to help marketing budgets go further. We came across a blog article writte

n several years back that is even more relevant now than it was then. In the article Gary outlines efficient content strategies that create content from the content you produce. Or, as he calls it, sawdust: “I’m fascinated by sawdust. It’s the byproducts of your output whether you’re a podcaster or a writer or an entrepreneur.” From Gary’s perspective anyone can produce content, but getting the greatest lift from it is the gold. Focus your attention on developing cornerstone pieces of content that can then be efficiently broken down into other promotional elements. A self-shot video about a topic….

  • can be turned into a blog post

  • which can also be converted into a podcast.

  • which can have quotes pulled out to promote on Social Media.

  • which can also have gifs made to promote on Social Media.

Content on Content on Content (we stole that from the blog article itself.) Read more (or watch the corresponding video,) here.


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